Manufacturing techniques

Mad srl today does his job in 2300sqm indoor divided in N°5 work departments.


Turning centres with pushing bars for turning and milling operations without man control.

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Milling centres with rides up to 1800 mm with various clamping jigs.

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The mechanical parts previously carved, when it is projected, are soldered in a permanent way in different soldering phases, with robots, positioning devices and soldering irons. All the employees have the qualification of the Italian Institute of Soldering.

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Construction and execution of equipment, machines and automated solutions.


Who we are

Mad s.r.l. was born in 2000 with a great passion for the wood shaving’s removal and with a specialization in mechanical manufacturing with graphic project.

The first experiences of the owner were in the 80’ with manual machineries, when he learned the job and he passed down his knowledge and his passion to the collaborators, who now work with high technology machineries.


Certificated quality

The quality of our manufacturing and out products is guaranteed by the certifications of the main sector certificators.



MAD SRL has always paid particular attention to the superficial treatments of the manifactured products. When it is requested by the costumer this manufacturing phases are made by external reliable companies: ELECTROGALVANIZING – CATAPHORESIS – ANODOZING – POLISHING – BUFFING – PAINTING – CHROMIUM PLATING – INDUCTION HARDENING – GUMMING VULCANIZED TAPE FOR ROLLERS


MAD SRL delivers with its own truck of 75 quintals within a range of 50 km. Over 50 km it relies on couriers with a delivery time of N°2 days for products up to 50kg and N°4 days for products up to 10 quintals. Products are protected by wooden boxes. We deliver all over Europe.


The quality is guaranteed and semplified by the use of precision cnc machineries and modern mesure tools, but most of all by the proved experience of all our staff, that works with planned rythms to maintain all the manufacturing phases under control.
The qualitiy of the manufacturing products of Mad S.r.l. is a foundamental part for the client fidelity and also for the development of the company. MAD SRL is getting ready for the ISO 9001-2015 certification.


MAD srl
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